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RBC Weekly Women's Rides -- Green Lizard and Bike Lane

2019 - April 8th through September 30th

The Reston Bike Club is happy to continue our partnership with the Green Lizard Bike Shop for our women's ride series. These rides will start on Monday, April 8th, 6PM and begin and end outside the Green Lizard shop in Herndon. If you arrive early, please feel free to go into the shop, introduce yourself, browse, and enjoy a coffee or smoothie. A Green Lizard staff member or RBC member will come with us on the rides and assist with any mechanical problems. Lisa Mackem will lead most of the rides and provide some cycling tips for new riders. Additional ride leaders will include Karen Palino, Kathy Lafond, and Erin Schultz. Other ride leaders are welcome and encouraged, particularly if you have attended a Reston Bike Club ride leader training or if you have other ride leader experience. Please let Lisa know if you would like to lead a ride or lead a group, since we are starting to split into more than one group during our rides.  

The Green Lizard women's rides will range from 18-32 miles, and routes will be posted in advance. Routes will go through Herndon and Ashburn, where the terrain is flat or gently rolling, with 1-2 hills that are more significant than the rest. Riders are encouraged to download the routes to reduce the need for cue sheets. Preregistration is encouraged, along with preregistration for other RBC rides. We average approximately a 15-16 mph pace, and some women ride faster than that. We ask that riders who sign up for this ride be able to maintain a pace of at least 15 mph. The ride leader will ask riders who fall significantly behind this pace to drop off the ride at a safe location along the WOD. From there, any dropped rider will have a straight ride back to the Green Lizard or can continue riding on her own. No rider should feel bad about being dropped. It happens to nearly every rider at some point. Any dropped rider is welcome to try again another day, and several other RBC rides accommodate paces under 15 mph. We will continue to wait for riders who need extra time to climb a hill or who don't make it across an intersection on a green light. We also encourage and will help with paceline riding for those who are new to it. We are a friendly group of cycling women and we welcome newcomers! Rides will be held every Monday except for holidays, or when the risk of rain is greater than 50% at the ride start. Ride cancellations will be posted on the Women's Ride event page for that week (which is where riders sign up and get the maps and cue sheets) and on the RBC Facebook page.

For women who prefer a shorter ride at a pace of 12-14 mph, there is a new series of women-only rides that will start and end at the Bike Lane in Reston. 

If you are riding home after the ride, use a head and taillight!

See the events page for the ride route for both rides.

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