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At its March 2017 meeting the Reston Bicycle Club (RBC) board adopted the following rules and guidelines for all club sponsored rides. The order of precedence is:
1. Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Bicycling and Walking in Virginia: The laws regulating bicycling on Virginia's public highways define the rights and duties of bicyclists as well as the motorists with whom they share the roadway. Bicycles are vehicles when ridden on roads and must abide by the same laws. Bicyclists have the rights and responsibilities of a pedestrian when on a shared use path (W&OD) – faster traffic must yield to slower traffic.
2. ShareVAroads: This guide offers safety procedures for all users of Virginia’s roads and paths. This guide will help bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists safely use Virginia’s transportation network.
3. RBC Ride Safe / Ride Fun Guidelines: Our club guidelines augment the above Laws and state guidelines with required and recommended group-ride good practices to ensure our rides are safe and enjoyable to for all participants.
An RBC sponsored group ride is an organized ride over a predefined route, following Virginia Law, shareVAroads safety procedures, and RBC Ride Safe / Ride Fun Guidelines. We expect compliance with these rules and guidelines from members and non-members alike on our club rides. RBC welcomes non-members to its rides on a one-time trial/guest basis.

1 Ride Descriptions
1.1 Ride Level
RBC ride groups are divided into 6 numbered levels to help riders find a group that best matches their riding abilities. Some events will combine levels into a single lettered group on days when there are few riders in a specific level.

Select a level/speed that you can comfortably maintain over 1.5 - 2 hours of riding without falling behind. If you are unsure which group is the best fit we STRONGLY encourage you to choose conservatively.
Paceline riding is a technique that requires skill and experience. It is more often used within faster and more experienced groups. Go to Smartcyclist to learn the essentials about group riding in Pacelines. RBC group rides never use double-pacelines or echelons - this is different than riding two abreast.

1.2 Ride Types

RBC organizes a variety of ride types to meet a range of cyclist objectives including fitness, training, and social fun.

1.3 RBC Roles and Responsibilities
1.3.1 Route Coordinator
RBC routes are reviewed and cue sheets edited by Route Coordinators to ensure consistency and safety. Routes are then published to our Ride with GPS RBC club library. Club members have premium privileges to download any club route – including turn-by-turn and safety annotations.
If you would like to add a route to the club library, please send your request to a Route Coordinator - Ken Thompson or Chip Magrogan - before the day of the planned ride.
1.3.2 Event Coordinator
Every event requires preparation and coordination before, during, and after a ride event. The Event Coordinator is responsible for selecting the route(s) and groups to be included, ensuring Ride Leaders are assigned to groups, rider signup sheets are distributed to Ride Leaders, providing overall guidance to the Ride Leaders, and cancelling the event in advance if weather is threatening. Any member can be an Event Coordinator. The event coordinator is typically present at the beginning of the ride and may or may not be present at the ride completion. On some rides, the Event Coordinator and Ride Leader will be the same person.
1.3.3 Ride Leader
Ride Leaders are the heart of RBC’s Ride Safe/Ride Fun strategy. Ride Leaders are primarily responsible for coaching and ensuring safe conduct during the ride so that all participants get the most enjoyment possible from each ride. Any member can become a ride leader. We encourage all ride leaders to attend RBC’s ride leader training. In addition we encourage ride leaders to familiarize themselves with ride Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) rules, ShareVAroads guidelines, and RBC Ride Safe/Ride Fun guidelines available on the RBC website. Ride leaders are also responsible for completing and/or collecting ride documents (sign-up waivers, child waivers, and incident reports) and getting them back to the RBC board.

Click for Ride Safe/Ride Fun guidelines  or  Ride Leader Guidelines

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