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RBC 1 Ride Hunters Woods - 3 Stuart Mill Loops

  • 05/30/2023
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Hunters Woods Shopping Center 2260 Hunters Woods Plz, Reston, VA 20191
  • 93


  • Knows the route, leads or sweeps

Registration is closed

We are doing the RBC 1 Ride on Tuesday.  6:00 pm start at Hunters Woods Shopping Plaza.

1) We won't start really riding/racing  until we make the left on Lawyers Rd. from Steeplechase

2) We will slow roll at the bottom of Birdfoot to allow a regroup. I don't want anyone racing down Birdfoot to try and get a gap to get away from the group on the sharp right hand turn at the bottom of Birdfoot.  Then after the regroup, feel free to start hammering.

3) When we make turns onto roads we make sure it is safe for anyone behind us.  This is the most important rule.

4) Although I periodically sweep the route to clean debris, everyone must look out for and call out items on the road that will cause a problem such as branches, gravel, etc. But overall the roads are normally fine.  Lawyers always seems to accumulate branches in the bike lanes we use.

5) If you can please re-join RBC if your membership is up, I recently did. Reminder you get extra insurance. It only cost $25 for the year.

Here is the route:

The following are the RBC COVID-19 guidelines for RBC rides. 

We are cautiously returning to riding as a group. This will only work with small groups and self-discipline. Please understand that these guidelines are FIRM. The Ride Leader has the authority to ask any person to leave who does not comply.

1. You must be on the registration list and you must be on time. We will leave promptly.

2. You must feel healthy (no COVID 19 type symptoms) DO NOT COME if you don't feel well.

3.  You must bring a face cover or mask to the ride and wear it correctly any time the wheels of your bike are not rolling. This means at the start and at the finish.

4.  You are not required to wear a face cover or mask while riding, but you may if you'd like to do so.

5.  While riding, we will social distance. This means allow people (other riders, people on the trails) room and do not pile up on each other when approaching a stop sign or light.

6.  Everyone will respect other riders' comfort levels. If someone says you're too close, just back away.

7.  There will be no debate, no politics, no judgment of anyone else's decisions. 

8.  If you do not want to comply with ALL of these guidelines, please do not register for the ride.

9.  Normal safety items -- you MUST have a red taillight. It is a good idea to have a white light on the front of your bike (angled down on slow pulse), but not required.

10. We do not allow TT bikes, Tri bikes or aero bars on a road bike. These are not allowed (no exceptions) in most UCI sponsored road races and are not allowed on RBC rides because of the dangers they pose to the rider and to others in the peloton. There are many reasons for this rule.  Aerobars are unstable in tight formations and when turning - and we have lots of both on our rides. They don't allow for quick decisions which are often needed to maintain a safe and fun ride for all in a tight group.  And, they present a spearing hazard in a crash.  

11.  We do not allow E-bikes. These disrupt the natural flow of the paceline, drafting, and the effort of the peloton.  

12.  We do not allow earbuds.   It is very important to be listening for safety call outs on our rides.  Also, our rides are intended to be social when we are not hammering and it is hard to talk to the person next to you when you or they have something stuck in your/their ear.  

13. Snot Rockets.  When you have to clear your nose be sure to move to the back of the peloton before you do.

We are paper-free, which means you can download the route from Ride with GPS and print it before you come, but we will not have paper cue sheets to distribute at the ride

All riders must sign (or have already signed for 2020) a liability waiver. You can do that HERE. The first ride with us is free. We welcome you to join us on subsequent rides as a member. Membership is $25 per year and you can take care of that HERE.

Reston Bicycle Club | P.O. Box 3389 | Reston, VA 20195-1389


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