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  • 16 Oct 2019 10:00 AM
    ArtSpace Parking Lot-750 Center St, Herndon, VA 20170

RBC - Green Lizard Weekly Women's Ride

  • 15 Jul 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • The Green Lizard (718 Lynn St, Herndon, VA 20170)


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If you haven't signed up for the RBC Century yet, do it! The lowest price point is available through Aug. 5. You still have time to get in some long weekend rides and train for either the full century or the metric, and many of you already are doing this. Please also consider volunteering for the century. We couldn't have this event without amazing volunteers. This year, we are looking for women's riders to staff the Old Mill rest stop in the afternoon, which would also allow you to ride. There are many other volunteer options before, after, and during the century.

Click HERE for Monday's route.

Riders should be able to maintain the group's average pace of 15-16 mph. The fastest women ride 17-18 mph, and anyone is welcome to join them. They will have a slight head start from the Green Lizard. If anyone gets dropped from that group, just soft-pedal or pull over and wait for the rest of us. We're all riding the same route. If you want a shorter ride at a 15-16 mph pace, just turn around when the group leaves the WOD on the outbound ride. The ride leader will ask riders who have not been able to maintain the group's pace to drop from the group then because there are no shortcuts after that point and no safer drop location than the WOD. Don't feel bad if this happens to you! Nearly everyone has been dropped from some ride at some point, ride leader included. You will have a straight ride back to the Green Lizard, or can continue riding on your own, and you can join us again another time. Women who prefer a 12-14 mph pace and a shorter ride should join the women's ride from the Bike Lane in Reston. 

We're going to keep working on our rotating paceline along Claiborne. When you are in the lead, start moving left when you are about one wheel length in front of the first rider on the left, and then ease off your pace. Keep the lines nice and tight and keep a good margin between you and the lane line so you're not at the edge of the next traffic lane.

Here is a youtube video that might help:

Remember, the idea is to conserve energy and tighten gaps. No one should lead for very long, even though many of you like being in the lead and powering through. :) When you're good at this technique, you conserve a lot of energy and can ride faster. Our goal is just to understand the technique and see how paceline riding feels, so we will keep our same 15-16 mph pace unless the whole group feels like going faster. Most of our riding each week will not be in a rotating paceline - in fact, we will only practice paceline riding for about 4-6 miles each ride.

Lights on required at Sunset (8:35 pm)

Please register before the ride - it helps us with our goal to be paper-free. You can still ride with us if you don't, but do your best to remember.  Members can download the routes from RidewithGPS. Download the route for your own reference and for easier following.

Current RBC members who have signed waivers are eligible to ride, as well as non-members who are riding with RBC for the first time. For first-timers (and members who haven't gotten around to it), go HERE to sign the waiver. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CURRENT WAIVER ON FILE! Membership is $25 per year and covers everyone in your household. Join RBC or renew your RBC membership HERE.

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