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2018 Century Survey Results

 380 riders gave us some feedback on the August 26 event.

Distance you rode 82.5         (average mileage)      

Overall EVENT   7.9   (1-9 scale)

ROUTES rating   7.0

REST STOP rating   8.1

TOWN CENTER PARTY rating   7.7

T-SHIRT rating    7.2

ADMIN rating     8.6                                     


First 11 comments:

  • We finished the half-metric by 10:15am meaning that we would have to stick around for >2 hours to get lunch. Since we were done, we headed home - the lunch thing doesn't work for the short routes. I don't have a solution other than timing departures for the short route to start later? But then you miss the coolest part of the day to ride (if this remains in August). It's a puzzle. Also, not happy about the route going by Lowes, etc in Sterling - that is a dangerous area to ride on the street - glad I went by before 10:00 am. Suggest figuring out some alternative. W&OD might have to be used for a bit there to avoid that. I did appreciate keeping W&OD to a minimum - thank you for that! The route marking was so good that you really didn't need to be hooked into RideWithGPS (but I was). T-shirt size for women ran a bit small in my opinion and I think the 2017 design was better.
    I really enjoyed the day - next year I promise to volunteer to mark routes! Truly.
  • Last few miles (before W&OD) at the end seemed very unsafe. Would rather just got on trail sooner.
  • The last ~11mi were rather congested with vehicle traffic. More time on the trail would have been preferred
  • Route was nice but very hilly. I don’t ride so many hills so am exhausted. Hard to keep in our group. But it was very nice otherwise.
  • Good overall. Street markings were excellent and rest stop was awesome (although it should be better marked - too easy to pass it). For those finishing earlier, should offer basic "box lunch" option because we finished early in cooler weather by 10:30 and zero food options at the Reston Pavilion. Having that would help stagger "traffic" within the pavilion as well. Great experience overall though. Thanks!
  • Taylor’s town and stumps town we’re way too hilly for our enjoyment. The distance to the first rest stop was too long. Otherwise the ride was very pretty
  • Much better route than in past, hardly any Bike Path - Thanks!!
  • Really enjoyed most of the rout today, other than the stretch from Smiths Switch road through Dulles Town Center/Crossing and Sterling. I know the RBC is under pressure to stay off of the W&OD, but at the end of the groups are smaller and and riding at slower speeds. Would have really liked the route if we had joined the trail at Smiths Switch.
  •  Some of the routing (e.g. Landsdown area) had high vehicle traffic and red lights at turn that didn't recognize cyclists.
  • The route markings should be a lot more visible and more frequent. A number of the markings were so worn there was almost nothing to see. During our ride we missed one near the end and had to find our own way back. My wife helps run BikeMS and they use signs whenever possible.
  • Please try to find a route with more shade!

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