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2017 Century Survey Results

Over 325 riders gave us some feedback on the August 27 event.

Distance you rode 76.35         (average mileage)      

Overall EVENT   8.19   (1-9 scale)

ROUTES rating   7.76

REST STOP rating   8.09

TOWN CTR PARTY rating   7.76

T-SHIRT rating    7.80

ADMIN rating     8.42                                       


First 10 comments:

·         Silver Diner catering was great at lunch. Purcellville rest stop at bike shop was awesome.  New route (metric century) is a big improvement. I love not going west on the W&OD.

·         The shirts are beautiful but running very small.  It's disappointing to order your usual size and then it doesn't fit. In future please post sizing details

·         I didn't stay for the party or lunch. But it looked fantastic!

·         It was fun - thanks! There were a few misleading arrows along the course (very first light I think was saying move lanes, but a bunch of us turned left). Also, there were a lot of instances where arrows appeared after the turn and not before which wasn't very helpful. My last thought is that there was an instance where a driver was not very happy that he had to pass a line of bikers and unnecessarily sped past us on a small road and there were bikers coming towards us the other direction, it was very dangerous. It might be help them to throw up a few "Caution - bike event" signs on the roads with no shoulders for safety. Thanks, again!

·         Loved the new route -- keep that for next year!  Change up in the rest stops were a non-event, no problem except for the Purcellville stop which was crowded with two intermingling lines for water and the port o johns.  Overall another superb event.  Next year will be just as good if you can dial in the perfect weather.  Thank you!!!

·         Next year less W&OD trail on return

·         The DJ had the music cranked to loud, most riders want to talk after the ride. 

·         Probably the best RBC Century I've ridden. Thanks to the RBC and all the great volunteers! So nice of you to arrange great weather as well!

·         Having the route return to the Town Center on the W&OD is a mistake. I will not ride next year if the route includes a significant portion on the W&OD. It's a major safety issue putting that many riders on the trail at a time when a large number of folks are also using the trail.

·         Love the route this year. It was nice to ride through Reston at the start, and have a longer ways before the first pit stop.

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