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Please explore our site, and by all means join in on a ride or an event and discover the benefits of joining Reston Bike Club!  (No log-in is required).

Weekly Ride Schedule Information

2017  Rides    

The Reston Bike Club has several weekly rides.  You can expect ride events on  Tuesday/Thursday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

NOTE - Due to club insurance policy clarifications, all participants on RBC rides must be current club members. Guests may join a ride one time only as a non-member.          Remember: a full year's membership is only $25.

Monday           (Apr 11 -  Sept 26)

    Women only rides starting from Green Lizard in Herndon - click for details

Tues/Thurs      (Mar 28 -  Sept 28)

The Tuesday/Thursday rides have been a popular, ongoing event for many years.  The Tuesday/Thursday rides run spring to fall from the beginning of daylight savings time to the end of September.  Courses vary week to week for ride levels from 1-6.  Separate routes are offered for each ride level.  Riders frequently eat together following rides.

Tuesday/Thursday  Rides start at 6PM at both the Hunters Woods Shopping Center in Reston
and at the parking lot across from the ArtSpace building in Herndon.

Reston location is at the intersection of Colts Neck Rd & Glade Rd; (park in the 2 far west lanes near Colts Neck Road).      

Herndon location is in
the parking lot across from the ArtSpace building,  750 Center St, Herndon, VA 20170.


  Saturday        (all year)

These are social rides with an impromptu course decided upon by those who show up each week.   Occasionally, riders break off into smaller groups with similar pace.  New riders are encouraged to call Randy Karn at 703.402.0227 or John Hamilton at 703-593-9384  if they are planning to ride that weekend.

  Saturday rides start at 9AM Apr-Sep; 9:30AM Oct/Mar and 10:00AM Nov-Feb at the parking lot across from the ArtSpace building in Herndon.   ( 750 Center St, Herndon, VA 20170)

 Sunday           (May-Sep)

Sunday rides go to various locations (Ashburn, Leesburg, Country Side) and may go for breakfast and return.  Good for families and beginners.  These rides do not take place every week.  Watch the Ride Schedule for events. 

Ride Level Descriptions

Group                 Average Speed        Average Distance &Style

  A or 1                        22+                  40 –100           Aggressive, Grueling pace

  B or 2                        20 - 21             35 – 75            Fast riders, Demanding pace

  CC or 3                     18 - 20             30 – 60            Strong riders, Demanding pace

  C or 4                        17 - 18             25 – 50            Average riders, Moderate pace

  D or 5                        14 - 17             25 – 40            Average riders, Slowing on hills

  S or 6                        12 - 14             15 – 30            Easy pace, New & casual riders

Keep safe and set a good example for other riders

Obey all traffic signs and laws!

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