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Weekly ride information

Due to club insurance policy clarifications, all participants on RBC rides must be current club members. Guests may join a ride one
time only as a non-member.

While we hold rides all year, the season runs from late March / early April through the end of September. See the events page for details!

Ride Level Descriptions

Group  Average Speed
 Average Distance
 A or 122+40 - 100 Aggressive | Grueling Pace
 B or 220 - 2135 - 75 Fast Riders | Demanding Pace
 CC or 318 - 2030 - 60 Strong Riders | Demanding Pace
 C or 417 - 1825 - 50 Average Riders | Moderate Pace
 D or 514 - 1725 - 40 Average Riders | Slowing on Hills
 S or 612 - 1415 - 30 New & Casual Riders | Easy Pace

Ride Etiquette

  • Obey all traffics signs and laws
  • Helmets must be worn at all times
  • Front white and rear red lights required sunset to sunrise. Recommended during twilight, overcast, or low visibility.
  • Courtesy to motorists, pedestrians, and fellow cyclists
  • Respected the intended pace of the ride
  • Respect the guidance of the ride leader and / or senior club member
  • Aero position is not allowed while riding in the group
  • One earphone is allowed for Ride with GPS turn-by-turn directions


This is a women-only ride that begins at 6:00 PM at the Green Lizard Bike Shop (718 Lynn St, Herndon, VA 20170)

This is a NO DROP ride that will range from 18 to 32 miles and average approximately 15 to 16 mph. We encourage and will help those new to riding in a group. Lisa Mackem will lead most of the rides. Additional ride leaders will include Karen Palino, Kathy Lafond, and Erin Schultz.

Rides are not held on holidays or when the risk of rain is greater than 50%. Ride cancellations will be posted on Social Media.

Tuesday / Thursday

Rides start at 6:00 PM with two starting locations available. 
Routes vary week to week. Separate routes are offered for ride levels 1 through 6.

 Reston Location
 Hunter Woods Shopping Center
 2304 Hunter Woods Plaza
 Reston, VA 20191
 Park in the two far-west lanes near Colts Neck Road
 Herndon Location
 Art Space Building parking lot
 750 Center St
 Herndon, VA 20170


This ride is co-sponsored with and will start at Green Lizard Bike Shop (718 Lynn St, Herndon, VA 20170). 
This is a fast-paced, 20 mile ride.


This is a social ride held all year. Rides start at the Art Space Building parking lot (750 Center St, Herndon, VA 20170). 

Start time will vary: 

  • 9:00 AM April through September
  • 9:30 AM October and March
  • 10:00 AM November through February
New riders are encouraged to call Randy Karn at (703) 402-0227 or John Hamilton at (703) 593-9384. The route will be the same, but may vary at the discretion of the ride leader. There is a no-drop policy so that A and B rides may start and finish together at a pace that is enjoyable for all. Occasionally, riders break off into smaller groups with a similar pace.


This ride will start at various locations and may have a stop for breakfast/brunch. These rides do not take place every week, so be sure to check the events page as well as Meetup!

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